Computer as a Tutor



Do you believe CAI in some future time can replace teachers in the classroom?




            Computers are getting faster every year. As computer gets faster, they can take on more challenging task, such as interpreting camera footage. We now have the technology that can watch video and begin to understand it. Voice processing is getting much better. It’s not 100% accurate yet of course, but even humans sometimes have trouble understanding each other. It makes sense to me that as computer gets faster and faster, it will enable new application can’t do right now such as artificial intelligence. Even if we can’t do true machine based human level intelligence, the computers will be able to make decisions based on their inputs.

            We think that when we say computers replacing teachers, we think of a robot standing in front of a group of students in a classroom. I agree this won’t happen. However, we are going to rethink how and where learning takes place.

            If a teacher is just for broadcast of information then they deserve to be replaced by a computer. Computers can present information in a custom form and pace for each student. A teacher cannot do that unless you have one-to-one student-teacher ratio.

All I can say is that CAI in the future can  replace teachers in the classrooms because of the continuous discovery of hi-technologies. But if that thing will happen it will surely create a great impact to the lives of students considering the fact that computers and other gadgets have no feelings at all. And as a future educator I will not let this thing happen because I don’t want to see the people in the future generation as rude and heartless as a robot. In connection to this, I do believe that learning involves emotion and it is one way of developing the personality of one’s person. Although CAI can develop the mental ability of an individual but it cannot touch the spiritual and moral aspect of the students unlike the teachers. For me even the wisest man in the whole world can be no good at all if he has no heart and feelings. This is just a proof that teachers are irreplaceable and the best.

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  1. erindowling

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    April 04, 2016