Social Networking

Social networking sites are a part of our everyday life and they have brought changes in communication between people. These sites provide different resources such as email and instant messages in one place. Availability of these resources makes the communication easy and faster. When we look at the social impact of social networking sites, we find that these sites have both positive and negative effects. Because of this fact, it is necessary to analyze both positive and negative effects of social networking sites.

Social networking sites are advantageous to young generation. With the help of these sites, people can communicate and express themselves by exchanging messages and comments. It helps in establishing connection with people, friends and relatives. These sites can be accessed from any part of the globe. Therefore, a person can interact with any person from any place. For example a student can clear his doubts with the help of a teacher. People having different professions can make groups like doctors, lawyers, students, poets, writers, social workers etc.      

The most common disadvantage of social networking sites is addiction. Often users of these sites get addicted to it. They spend hours using these sites and it harms their performance in other fields. It causes mental health problems and sometimes it harms their body too. Sometimes users provide their personal information to others which is insecure.


We can see clearly that social networking sites are advantageous only if they are used wisely. Using these sites would be helpful, if users do not spend time there unnecessarily.

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