The Use of Technology in Everyday Activity

Man has worked hard to improve technology consistently to do various tasks fast and effectively. Many nations have succeeded in building great infrastructure and achieve stupendous progress due to developing of advanced technology before the other nations. Today, every nation strives to get the latest technology for the benefit of its citizens. Technological progress is vital in the fields of business, education as well as health care.
            For example, in education, technological advancement has helped to introduce many positive changes in the educational sector. New methods of learning and teaching have made the process simple and more interesting. Computer technology in schools and colleges has helped explain subjects properly and in detail and this has reflected in the overall performance of the students. The Internet technology has been a revolution for the educational sector as it is an ocean of information. Students can search for the concepts which they learn in the books on the Internet and find out more information on the same. This will increase the depth of their knowledge. Distance learning programs have become possible only because of the Internet. Students who cannot attend colleges due to financial reasons or sue to traveling problems can sit at home and study using the online learning methods. Many examinations these days are conducted online which has helped bring in more transparency in the scoring system and complete the tests quickly. The slide shows meant especially for students, are a great way of learning things. But somehow, technology has affected humans in education. Since technology has been introduced as a medium for teaching, it has gradually replaced the human teachers and now students mostly rely on computers, television and other electronic mediums. Although these technology brings certain benefits in the classroom, it causes some students to be distracted and unmotivated to learn at school because they believe that learning by themselves using the computer is a much better and faster way.


            Technology is a great help to us but it has also bad effects. We should also consider how will it affect our lives because the result of this what we called technology lies in our hands.

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